Saturday, November 2, 2013

2 Months Strong - Let Regular Season Begin

I know I have been gone for a minute, but I am back! I hope everyone is doing wonderfully and being blessed by God's greatness!

Two months down and I am still going strong!!! France has definitely been treating me well. Things have picked up now that regular season has started, but everything is still going as smooth and as great as it was in the beginning.

When it comes to basketball, my team is a BEAST! :-) We have been killing it on the court. Right now we are currently undefeated and ranked number one in our league (conference). We have developed such great chemistry among each other, and it still suprises me sometimes of how good we are. When I first arrived in France, we had good team chemistry off the court but not on. We did not know each other, and we did not recognize each other's style of play. It was almost like playing pick-up in the park - every man for themselves. We were struggling. Now, however, it is a completely different story. Teams that we lost to in preseason, we have now blown out by 20 and 30 points. Sometimes I have to stop and say wow because I did not see us being this good in the beginning, at all. Even the president of our team said he did not see us being this good (I know, great confidence LoL). But we went from being a decent team, to the team everyone wants to beat in our league. Blessings. Hopefully we continue to go strong. This is a LONG season, but we are trying to win the "ship."

On the personal side, being overseas you have A LOT of free time. Your only job is literally to go to practice and games and that's it. The rest of your day is to yourself. Therefore, you end up with a lot of time to reflect and ponder. I have grown tremedously in the last two months. Being overseas gives you time and space to put a lot of things into its proper perspective. You learn a lot about yourself, and you begin to realize what is important and who is important in your life. This helps you see and truly appreciate the blessings in your life and embrace the experience. Therefore, I thank God every chance I get because this opportunity has allowed me to grow closer to Him, closer to my friends, has given me clarity about certain situations, has given me guidance about the future, has confirmed the positive direction my life is headed, and that I am fulling God's purpose and pleasing Him. 

Well that's it for now. It is currently game day, so I am about to start my pregame rituals and get my mind right. Remember, in All and through All to give thanks for All, All of the time. HAPPY NOVEMBER! God Bless! 

Peace, Grace, and Blessing

P.S. SHOUTOUT TO VANDERBILT WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM WHO STARTS THEIR SEASON TODAY!!! Once a Dore, Always a Dore! #VandyWBB #AchorDown #ProudAlum #ItsGoodToBeGold #StarsPlayHere

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